Problem Solver

Zaynab Al-Hakeem

Zaynab Al-Hakeem's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Internet researcher, already have 1 invention on paper(nothing official),degree in computer science

Zaynab Al-Hakeem's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I havent solved a problem as such but have an idea on how to solve a problem of having my clothes hung outside to dry, on the washing line, in the rain, with a cover.I arrived 9 yrs ago to the UK from Dubai and when you put the clothes out to dry you then take them in after 30 minutes-completely dried. I faced a problem when I arrived as I didnt like the tumble drier and putting the clothes on the radiators started peeling the wall paper- and the heater has to be on for a long time(cant see the clothes out in display in the house all day).So this actaully gave this idea I mentioned above.