Problem Solver

Zhaune Pretorius

Zhaune Pretorius
I'd love to have a crack at it! I am not the type to add any idea that comes to mind.

Areas Zhaune Pretorius is Knowledgeable in:

All please, I love even just trying to solve any problem

Techniques Zhaune Pretorius Uses:

Created a program in Microsoft Access, day to day up dates on all clients contacted, constant follow-ups as requested or required. Also got the CEO of the company to buy the "Matrix" which provided constant new leads with correct information on whichever category we accessed.

Zhaune Pretorius's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Recycling: worked with glass, can recycling
  2. Marketing: specifically with legislation, about 4 years experience, telesales, consultants
  3. Research: good with finding leads, or specific info regarding a subject
  4. Life Sciences: research, finding solutions
  5. Manufacturing: good with fixing things and taking them apart
  6. Consumer Products: minute detail and bettering things
  7. Internet: good with finding specific things
  8. Design: pattern design, pattern grading, clothing design, construction of garments
  9. Computer Science: self taught for the most of it
  10. Business: I have had my own business, experience

Zhaune Pretorius's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I created a data basis for my department of all appointments made by the team of telemarketers. These were updated every time we had any feedback and also stated information such as: client of company, to follow up when, sale, no sale, company details, etc. This was so successful that all the departments started using it as it had much more info on clients and was up-to-date.