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Zulkiful Saleh
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Energy solar wind

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What i did was i got multiple number of analog microphones i removed the inner coils that is the permanent magnet with coil, i connected 100 of these units in series and cascaded 20 set of these 100 units in parallel and rectify the output where at the end i obtain a reliable charging source. The microphones converts the noise generated buy the passing trucks to electrical energy AC and the generated ac was converted to DC through rectification and a charge controller was used to regulate the out put voltage for use as a battery charging charging source. since then the installation was stable and working. solar module theft problem SOLVED.

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  1. professional problem solver working with professional skilled staffs on various fields

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  1. a 1 mile bridge was built on a high way in a bush where street light was necessary, a solar street light was installed but vandalize the installation by stealing the solar modules which are being replaced several times. Nigerian Min of road and transport invited me to come in for a solution.