Problem Solver

Aaron Hammond

Aaron Hammond

Areas Aaron Hammond is Knowledgeable in:

Signal processing, GPS, 3D dynamics, control systems, electronics, embedded software, mechanism design.

Techniques Aaron Hammond Uses:

Understand the problem in it's most basic form.
Remove all explicit and explicit assumptions.
Try to invert the problem, finding a different problem that is simpler, or has been solved previously.
Use techniques from different fields in novel applications.

Aaron Hammond's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. First Principles Modelling

Aaron Hammond's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Designed a system for eliminating bias from MEMS gyroscopes, by utilising signal processing techniques in mechanical field.
  2. Enhanced positioning performance of inertial measurement systems by generalising system to a pure mathematical model which enabled existing techniques from different fields to be applied.
  3. Solved measurement and calibration issues by eliminating the components entirely, using a modified system architecture that would not require the issues to be solved.
  4. Created a system for determining vehicle heading, using a single GPS antenna, on platforms with arbitrary motion.
  5. Created a ultra-low-cost GNSS compass that used only low-quality signal measurements, with a novel processing algorithm that gave extremely precise results.