Problem Solver

Abdelkader Hannache

Abdelkader Hannache

Areas Abdelkader Hannache is Knowledgeable in:

Python,Delphi,.. Langauges, Desktop software and web app creation,linux admin,IT security(pentester,..)

Abdelkader Hannache's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Software conception ,software app & web app development ,penetration testing,IT security, AI,..

Abdelkader Hannache's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. developed a software (in end of memory at university for engineering graduate) Prediction of the Algerian electric charge by a system
  2. developed a many software such as :1-stocks and commercial management software(algeria),2-client restorant system in austria (restorant Bellino),3-(for my x-micro company for Publicity distribution)-administration and payment System...