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Abdourahmane Niang

Abdourahmane Niang Sociology & Marketing& Communication

October 2011- Jan 2013: ITECOM Marketing & English Teacher
2012-Now : Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese abroad Freelance Translator (English – French)
2010-2011 :Primagama English School Teacher
2007-2008 :Experts Associates Agent at Dakar International Airport

Other relevant information on Research projects & Others
12/2012: Project, Formulation Study for the "African Union Support Programme II"", ECOWAS

9/ 2012: Project, “Formulation Mission for the Support to Regional Economic Integration and Trade
Project in the Regional Indicative Plan for the 10th EDF in the ECOWAS”
3/2012: Project, Promoting Women's Engagement in Peace and Security in South Senegal", ECOWAS
9/2011: Survey on “Satisfaction of Community social service of Senegalese Government
2011: Qualitative research on Religious Interpretation and The Sprit of Entrepreneurship: The case of
Maduranese people in Indonesia. (Master degree Thesis)
2008: Participation in the 1st SYMPOSIUM on Language, Culture and Globalization in South-East Asian

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