Problem Solver

Abdul Jaludi

Abdul Jaludi

Areas Abdul Jaludi is Knowledgeable in:

efficiency, problem solving, infrastructure operations, customer service issues, incident management, proactive monitoring, creative ideas, innovative thinking

Abdul Jaludi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Infrastructure Operations efficiency

Abdul Jaludi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Created database for users to get current and historical application processing information rather than having to call the scheduling or systems staff for the information.
  2. Developed web based application for users to request emergency access to production. This application replaced a process done manually by staff members within the security teams across the globe. The new application automatically validated the request then processed the access request.
  3. 26 years experience in with computer systems and infrastructure operations, including process improvements and problem management.
    Conceived and developed multiple products to automate manual functions.
  4. Won global contest help by Citigroup looking for the best idea for the future of banking
  5. Determined cause of customer impacting problems by analyzing trouble tickets over a three year period. Determined and implemented solution that reduced the number of customer affecting problems after examining historical data.
  6. Streamlined process for server administrators when bringing on new servers or taking server out of service. The old process consisted on more than a dozen steps, such as obtaining IP address, DNS, firewall access, anti-virus software, security software, monitoring software and configuration, inventory update and many more. Each step in the process was manual and the entire process took hours to complete. Optimized and automated the entire process so that each step was performed automatically when required once a change record was approved.