Problem Solver

Abdulquadri Oyinlola

Abdulquadri Oyinlola

Areas Abdulquadri Oyinlola is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical Engineering, physics, Aero Astro (aircrafts and space vehicles)

Techniques Abdulquadri Oyinlola Uses:

My problem solving technique is a three stage process:
1. Understanding the Problem: when I solve a challenge, my immediate primary aim is understanding fully what the problem is, what are the constraints involved, what are the requirement, what are the special case scenarios or conditions involved, etc. Based on these information, I can extrapolate and completely articulate the problem. I ask the seeker questions or request for further details that helps with comprehension of the problem.

2. Underlying Ideation: after a full comprehension of the problem, I starts thinking broadly of all possible existing or novel approach/idea to tackle the problems with. That may take days or even weeks. When I get that spark of the idea that seem to work and is feasible at least, then i refine the idea into a base foundation which i can build on.

3. Solution Construction: with the base idea in place, then I pull all resources needed to fuel the smoldering idea into a raging blazing fire strong enough to destroy the problem. I turn the idea into a solution that is implementable into the mechanism of the challenge.

This is basically how I solve.

Abdulquadri Oyinlola's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Professional in Research and Optimization
  2. Expert in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
  3. Design Analysis
  4. Expert in Statistical Analysis
  5. Construction Analysis and Engineering
  6. Ideation
  7. Renewable Energy Optimization
  8. Mathematical Modeling
  9. Great with General Physics thinking
  10. Great with Reverse Engineering

Abdulquadri Oyinlola's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've been involved in many challenges (at least 10) from many companies and organizations including major agencies like the US Reclamation (The reclamation challenge seeking a better technology to improve the efficiency of desalination output, and also the reclamation challenge trying to improve the longevity and durability of their hydraulic steel structure by seeking new ways to combat corrosion). I've worked on all challenges through a crowd sourcing website (Innocentive). I'm restricted from disclosing any details as per the NDA I signed.