Problem Solver

Abdulwahab Ojenya

Areas Abdulwahab Ojenya is Knowledgeable in:

data scientist, web developer, metallurgist , programmer , mathematician

Techniques Abdulwahab Ojenya Uses:

it depends on the problem as some problem required research on the previous things that has happen and why or the causes of such problem then and now come with what can be done to prevent the occurrence of such problem in the future while some problem need relating to what make such things happen physically or through communication before bringing out the solution to such problem

Abdulwahab Ojenya's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. computer Programmer, data scientist

Abdulwahab Ojenya's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i developed a device for measuring the blood pressure for human being ranging from neonate, infant, child, toddler and adult.
    i have researched on data and plot different graphs using solver , spss and originLab for prediction.