Problem Solver

Abhijit Pande

Abhijit Pande

Areas Abhijit Pande is Knowledgeable in:

I have experience in Data Science, Technology Architecture, Digital Transformation, Sales, Sales Management, Proposal writing, Innovation

Techniques Abhijit Pande Uses:

Design thinking, Decision trees, Value Trees, De-aggregation

Abhijit Pande's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. SQL
  2. AI/RPA
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Power BI
  5. Marketing
  6. Training Development
  7. DevOps
  8. Business Development
  10. Innovation
  11. VBA
  12. .NET
  13. Java
  14. R
  15. Sales

Abhijit Pande's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have come up with Blockchain, IoT based solutions for Financial service and defense industries (awarded by Accenture).
    I have been a finalist in the youth employment and the top collaborator in the social media innovation challenges at Accenture.
    I was recognized as the product industry's leading innovator in the quantum leap program for my ideas on IOT.
    I am the organizer of AI/RPA contests and think tanks at Accenture for multiple industry groups.
    I am the winner of the Accenture India Innovation Summit 2017 (A proof of concept on regulatory technology)
    I am the AI/RPA lead for the Public admin management consulting group at Accenture. Also, I am a member of the Innovation council at Accenture.