Problem Solver

Abhishek Saxena

Abhishek Saxena

Areas Abhishek Saxena is Knowledgeable in:

1. Consumer products
2. Engineering Mechanical
3. Professional inventor
4. Thermodynamics
5. Professional problem solver

Techniques Abhishek Saxena Uses:

Solving problems through first principle.
Data collection before starting for solution.
Defining boundary conditions.

Abhishek Saxena's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Transportation:
  2. Waste management:
  3. Design: proficient in CFD analysis software I.e fluent and gambit
  4. Consumer products: ability to deeply observe the gaps and use the analytical ability to fill those gaps.
  5. Safety:
  6. Solar:
  7. Energy: proficient in devicing ways to save energy in operation of machines like air compressor etc.
  8. Space technology: developed proficiency in integration and preparation of sub systems of 3rd stage of PSLV launch vehicles.
  9. Environment: Underwent an internal auditor course in EMS and OHSAS and used the techniques for mitigating environmental hazards
  10. Manufacturing:
  11. Professional inventor : invented an efficient biomass cook stove for rural areas of India and small restaurant application
  12. Engineering Mechanical: maintenance of machines like air compressor, lapping machines, cranes, dg set,, boring machines etc.
  13. Engineering Mechanical: writing technical offer for products like boilex feed pumps, drive turbines, heat exchangers, circula
  14. Professional problem solver:
  15. Thermodynamics:
  16. Technical writing: preparation of technical offer for various engineering products

Abhishek Saxena's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a technique to prevent the derailment of telescopic cover for lead screw using rollers.
  2. I developed a closed loop cooling tower based water cooled system for air compressor.
  3. Made a design change in the centre gear and conditioning rings of lapping Plate which increased their life by 100% without any change in the quality of lapping.
  4. Developed a method for pressurised testing of shell and tube type heat exchangers used in air compressor to detect leakage.
  5. Gained an experience in integration and preparation of sub systems for the third stage of polar sun synchronous satellite launch vehicle.
  6. Gained an experience in the method of purging of satellite.