Problem Solver

Abhishek Sonu

solution seekers should give a brief detail of the relevant ideas they required. they should be very specific to needs and demands. if they know little about the problem do share with us. it may be mutual co ordination to which a problem can be solved in desired manner.

Areas Abhishek Sonu is Knowledgeable in:

i m particularly interested in field of brain signaling,neurology and bio electrical sciences work at nano level

Techniques Abhishek Sonu Uses:

i try to employ the very basic ideas and move to the complexity.i try to make a pathway sketch to approach a problem. analyse the problem repeatedly and think on it in all around.make small targets. try to find out the areas which has maximum chances of errors and the area where actually we have to give maximum effort.

Abhishek Sonu's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. neurology
  2. brain signaling
  3. stem cells

Abhishek Sonu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. working on brain signaling