Problem Solver

Abishai Mark Gundy

Areas Abishai Mark Gundy is Knowledgeable in:

I am interested in car technologies, cyber security(defense), and

Abishai Mark Gundy's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Prototyping
  2. R&D
  3. 3D Printing
  4. C#
  5. CAD
  6. Java
  7. Nanotechnology
  8. Raspberry Pi

Abishai Mark Gundy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Programmed robots that were led by thermal imaging, sound, touch, and ultrasonic sensors.
  2. Built several 3D printers for organizations.
  3. Set up a server to bypass a firewall at my school(completely overkill, I know).
  4. Designed and prototyped a non-metal design for architectural support systems. Used a 3D printer to achieve rapid prototyping and implemented a solution.
  5. Built a website for an organization and established an e-commerce presence for the organization.
  6. Created silk polymer films with variable drop rates. Embossed and etched onto silk polymer films for tactile and biomedical purposes.
  7. Programmed a Raspberry Pi 4 for home security implementation.
  8. Rebuilt a BMW e36 engine head.