Problem Solver

Achim Schulz

Achim Schulz

Areas Achim Schulz is Knowledgeable in:

developping new way production ideas

Achim Schulz's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. thermoset plastics formulator, metal microcracks sealing & impregnation, any gap compensations in steel constructions in place
  2. nanofine bearing surfaces without machining, microcoatings, bioglues

Achim Schulz's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i developped micro coatings without machining necessities for the whole of metal working industries, to impregnate, seal, protect metals against corrosion, erosion, cavitation, mechanical and chemical wear,
    especially for the needs of automotive, machine tool, ship building industries
    i have 45 years of experience in developping new markets technically and commercially for new products and ideas,
    i cooperate with german and international universities to find new production solutions,
    i am board member of INstec at RWTH aachen excellence university for new projects,