Problem Solver

Achraf Benlemkaddem

Areas Achraf Benlemkaddem is Knowledgeable in:

Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic,programming.

Techniques Achraf Benlemkaddem Uses:

brainstorming, taking a bath

Achraf Benlemkaddem's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Computer Scientist
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Deep Learning
  6. Python

Achraf Benlemkaddem's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have a year and half of experience as a Software Engineer.
    I have solved lot of problem related to programming and IT.
    I am a pretty smart guy, my IQ is 145.
    I am very creative and intuitive, I can come up with innovative ideas to all sort of problems.