Problem Solver

Adam Girdwood

Adam Girdwood

Areas Adam Girdwood is Knowledgeable in:

the mind, laws of the universe, agriculture, production lines, inventing products that people need and that solve a problem, problem solving.

Techniques Adam Girdwood Uses:

I have also invented a chicken feeder that deters rats from eating the chicken feed- if there is no feed available the rats will move on. This feeder replaces the use of trapping and harmful poisons, which leave a residue in the ground, can pollute water courses and build a resistance in the rats immune system making the poison less effective.

Adam Girdwood's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i invented a machine that makes wild bird feed- similar to suet balls but in a cylinder shape and of much higher quality. the cylinder idea is to fill the cylinder shaped cage feeder to eliminate any wasted space- suet balls in a cylinder shape cage feeder = wasted space