Problem Solver

Adelaide Austin

Areas Adelaide Austin is Knowledgeable in:

Clinical Trials
Crime Prevention
Product Design and Usage

Techniques Adelaide Austin Uses:

- Looking at the bigger picture
- Assessing all the factors at/or in play
- Dissecting each factor for durability and longevity
- Timelines for implementing any changes and/or alterations
- Checking which departments would need to be involved in aiding said changes and facilitating the meetings and discussions for eventual solutions

Adelaide Austin's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Clinical Research - NeuroOncology Trials, Academic Research - Neuro

Adelaide Austin's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed and implemented a new patient pathway for terminally ill brain cancer patients in a renowned NHS hospital after being in post for 3 months
  2. I developed multiple strategies for creating smooth patient pathways, cutting patient travel times in half, re-arranging outpatient clinics to run efficiently and effectively with little to no delays
  3. Currently developing an app to assist in faster data collection for big pharma which would eliminate the need for data management in a hospital setting