Problem Solver

Akbar Ali Surani

Akbar Ali Surani

Areas Akbar Ali Surani is Knowledgeable in:

2.Problems related to society like poverty, education, leadership or cultural problems

Akbar Ali Surani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I'm very comfortable with mathematics. I also have skills to teach mathematics
  2. I'm a tutor. I can teach kids in a creative and interesting way. I was a member of teachers and tutors alliance during 2010-11

Akbar Ali Surani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've completed a secondary level course of Ismaili Tariqah. The students are taught to find ETHICAL solutions of problems faced by people in history by assuming themselves to be facing those same problems.
  2. I'm a member scout of Scouts and Guides, Hyderabad where we are put in a situation to find solutions of various problems through activities and camps. I also learnt how to manage without a matchbox in a jungle-type area where we have only uncooked food with us.
  3. I also took part in so many sessions and programs in which youths participate to discuss real life problems faced by society and also try to reach to a satisfactory solution. Some of those programs are ISEEK (Ismaili Students Engaged in Exploring Knowledge), Youth Quest and Leadership camp at The Aga Khan Academy, an IB school.
  4. I worked with a team to raise funds by selling first-aid boxes and CFL bulbs to buy books and games from local market and donated those things to an orphanage and also spent a day with kids there. I've experienced the difficulties faced while working in a team.