Problem Solver

Akhil Dua

Areas Akhil Dua is Knowledgeable in:

Economics, Finance and Rm,

Techniques Akhil Dua Uses:

Vector auto regressive modeling.
Graphical Analysis.
Event studies.

Akhil Dua's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Economics

Akhil Dua's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am working with National Institute of Public Finance and policy Delhi,India
    I am currently working on vector auto regressive modeling for Indian ADRs.
    I am also involved in creating a package in R for time series, which we require for Economic Research.
    I have done Graphical analysis of real estate exposure of all listed banks and planning to do an event studies using the latest package in R
    I am working on Policies related to financial inclusion.
    I have done churn analysis of a telecom company as a part of my course in post graduation.