Akram Masoud

1) Bachelor of Automotive Mechanical Engineering.

2) Qualifying Certificate of Astronomy and Space .

3) Pre-Master of Mathematical Astronomy.

4) Student of Master Degree:

I am a student of master degree in celestial Mechanics at Cairo University. The title of thesis is "Artificial Sun-Synchronous Frozen Orbit Control Design Considering Earth Oblateness and Solar Radiation Pressure Perturbations".

5) Coursera Courses:

- Introduction to Astronomy, Duke University.

- Intermediate Algebra, California University.

- Pre-Calulus, California University.

- Calculus 1, Ohio State University.

- Calculus 2, Ohio State University.

- Single Variable Calculus, Pennsylvania University.

- Introduction to Philosophy, Edinburgh University.

-Galaxies and Cosmology, Caltech.

- From Big Bang to Dark Energy, Tokyo University.

- Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, LMU.

-Introduction to Engineering Mechanics, Georgia Institute of Technonlogy.