Problem Solver

Albert Jon

Albert Jon

Areas Albert Jon is Knowledgeable in:

processing of signal, image, video, genome, plasma, tissues of specified location of problem over a period and diagnose, detect and design rescue mechanisms.

Techniques Albert Jon Uses:

quick data collection over long period, comparision, evaluation and patience over synthesis.

Albert Jon's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -micro grid power solution for domestic and small scale industries, has been designed and submitted by me.
    -A medical robot(Resident), that consist of 100 critical care diagnostic and first aid mechanisms along with online communication with doctor, is presently in design.
    -pest control using LASER emmissions from the same leaf without damage of plant, is also in process.
    -Imaging & diagnosis of cholesterol in inner layers of cicuta- viens for the estimation of organ stress and failure, is completed in 2008.