Problem Solver

Alec Ilchenko

Areas Alec Ilchenko is Knowledgeable in:

A bit of everything
I know it sounds bad
But give me a try)

Alec Ilchenko's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Understanding of people
  2. Understanding of how things works with computing
  3. Good feeling of averaged style
  4. Understanding economy breaches
  5. Ability to perceive well thermodynamic state of things
  6. Loving find what was hidden
  7. Having lot of ideas how AI should work to be effective/similar to people/both of
  8. Understanding of how human needs should be splited to different levels
  9. Powerful imagination
  10. Excellent feel of balance and gravity
  11. Passion for working with statistics
  12. Tetrising all around
  13. "God is not playing dices", but dices does play God
  14. Making crack at home (of course it a joke, I prefer LSD(it's too, but I still love chemistry))
  15. Defining truth and understanding where it needed

Alec Ilchenko's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I created a statistics based middle word defining algorithm for creating a concept of "similar to all" language (inspired with word 'OK')

    I'm also addicted to solving low-class trivial and abstract problems