Problem Solver

Alexander Erhiegueke

Alexander Erhiegueke

Areas Alexander Erhiegueke is Knowledgeable in:

Music, Theatre arts

Alexander Erhiegueke's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Good at finding out employment opportunities and helping out with general employment problems
  2. I have been into the education business for a while now, and i know a lot about education
  3. am good at creative designing using powerful and 21st century softwares
  4. I have good communication skills and can develop a model for effective communication
  5. Always up to date with entertainment and apart from knowing whats happening, i have my fair contribution
  6. Can offer good advice on financial management
  7. The media is me and i am the media. so bring it on
  8. As someone who has a professional certificate in move production, i can offer professional assistance in any area of the movie
  9. As a graduate of music, i can do a whole lot, from writing songs, creating and also performing, and offering advice where neces
  10. knowing the right place to go and the right thing to do is the way to success in any research, fortunately, that's what i do
  11. Talented and creative and can solve basicly any problem

Alexander Erhiegueke's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a model that was once approved by a school for teaching children the violin