Problem Solver

Alla Adam

Alla Adam

Areas Alla Adam is Knowledgeable in:

Coaching | Investment Strategy | Business Development

Techniques Alla Adam Uses:

Soft Systems Methodology | Plan-Do-Check-Act Technique | Control Influence Accept Model | Problem-Definition Technique | The Cynefin Framework | Appreciative Inquiry | The Simplex Process | The Four-Step Innovation Process | The Straw Man Concept | Action Learning Sets | The Focus Model and Creative Problem Solving

Alla Adam's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business Development & Sales
  2. Executive Search & General Human Resources Management
  3. Marketing & Communications
  4. Strategic Consulting
  5. Strategic Negotiatiations
  6. Leadership Development
  7. Talent Management
  8. Conflict Management & Resolution
  9. Professional Coaching

Alla Adam's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 4. I've launched Business Development & Media campaigns under tremendous time constraints
  2. 3. I've developed top-notch ROI models for cross-channel communications optimization
  3. 2. I have attracted 30+ Multinational Corporations (FMCG, Healthcare, IT/Telecom, Hi-tech, Oil & Gas, Advertising Agencies, Governmental Institutions etc) to my Company's Client list. I led my Company and our Clients through 2 country level revolutions and an on-going cross-country war. And we remain successful together up until today
  4. 7. I've developed & successfully launched the innovative solution for managing
    cross-team/in-team conflicts eliminating any harmful impact on general company business processes - "Mystery Manager"
  5. 5. I've managed, lead, trained and coached diverse teams, developing multi-geographic & multi-cultural team environments and work processes
  6. 6. I've successfully negotiated 350+ deals for my own business & my Clients' businesses - all within strict deadlines & specific niche business areas
  7. 8. I've successfully coached & trained my own team of professional consultants, as well as my Clients' teams on Leadership, Negotiations, Happiness & Mindfulness, HR, Search & Selection, Business Development, Strategic Consulting
  8. 1. I've successfully launched my own business, have played strategic roles in multiple start-ups and have a proven track-record of assisting Clients in preparing for & finding funding sources