Problem Solver

Allison Greenlee

Areas Allison Greenlee is Knowledgeable in:

Alternative Health
Clinical therapy
General education

Techniques Allison Greenlee Uses:

Administrative Skills

• Ability to maintain a high level of organization
• Results-oriented through commitment and dedication
• Great administrative and organizational abilities
• Self-starter with the ability to learn new skills and techniques


• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Professional demeanor and courteous attitude
• High professional standards and moral values
• Detail oriented with a strong work ethic

Research and Writing

• Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Power Point, Word)
• Excellent command of the English language
• Propensity to analyze and assimilate a multitude of information
• Extensive aptitude to write succinctly
• Ability to type 60/wpm

Medical Knowledge

• Ability to analyze and interpret clinical information
• Knowledge of various subjects of medical science
• Mastery of the medical language
• Ability to apply theoretical concepts to work performed