Problem Solver

Alper Ayar

Alper Ayar

Areas Alper Ayar is Knowledgeable in:

Construction materials
Electronic and electric appliances, devices
Toys and entertainment
Environmental devices and indoor and city furnitures

Techniques Alper Ayar Uses:

Product designs
Enviromental Projects
City furnitures and construction materials

Alper Ayar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Making Market Researchs

Alper Ayar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have been executing government and private sector infrastructure project tenders.
    I have been giving consulting about infrastructural, road and pedestrian road construction and the materials to the authorities I have been working with.
    I have been making the feasibilities for the road and enviromental renovating projects meanwhile also making the construction.

    I am very excited on making researchs about anything you can imagine. It can be a new product to manufacture or something a friend is looking to buy :) I love to find.. answers, products, etc..

    All my life I have imagined millions of ideas to improve peoples businesses about what they have to change, add or delete on their production and business plans and working methods.

    I have been working in different parts of the world like Ukraine, Morocco, Rwanda making construction, trades etc. I can easily foresee good ideas