Problem Solver

Amandeep Arora

Amandeep Arora

Areas Amandeep Arora is Knowledgeable in:

Real Estate and Hospitality

Techniques Amandeep Arora Uses:

Identifying the problem at its core is the most critical step in the problem solving process. I put a lot of emphasis on understanding the core issues in a given situation, be it business operation or a specific deal negotiation.

Once identified, devising solutions is equally important which may require creative thought process in certain cases. Understanding the practicality of potential solutions plays a significant part in selecting the solution/strategy to be followed.

The process above requires a collaborative approach working with the domain experts and the implementation team, as required.

Amandeep Arora's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Valuations
  2. Project Feasibility Analysis
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Business Analysis
  5. Deal Structuring
  6. Investment Analysis and Management
  7. Financial Analysis
  8. Market Research and Benchmarking

Amandeep Arora's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Currently advising a large corporate and helping them in monetizing their land holdings and devising strategy and implementation guidelines for a new fund in commercial real estate space
  2. - I have successfully negotiated and achieved closure more than 25 commercial deals under varied deal structures including acquisitions, joint ventures, leases, management contracts, etc.
  3. - I advised top hospitality and real estate companies on their growth and expansion strategies
  4. - I have advised numerous investors on their investment decisions in several projects as their buy side representative