Problem Solver

Ambaye Tiumelisan

Ambaye Tiumelisan

Areas Ambaye Tiumelisan is Knowledgeable in:

Energy and transportation

Techniques Ambaye Tiumelisan Uses:

i find problems from professional groups like free energy forums .naturally i love solving problems so i gave much time to think for solution .afterwards i tried to dig for a mechanism with a pen and a paper and these is my comfort zone like gambling.finally
thanks for solidworks i will design and animate to see things more clearly.that is the last stage for an Ethiopian inventor like me can go so far.

Ambaye Tiumelisan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. creative

Ambaye Tiumelisan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i invented a novel a position controlled wind motor and a novel projection controlled wind turbine for generation of wind energy with a higher mechanical efficiency and new energy capturing mechanism.