Problem Solver

Ananta Limbu

Ananta Limbu

Areas Ananta Limbu is Knowledgeable in:

People, Music ( gigs,song writing, composing etc), Business, Network Marketing, Catering business, building a team, building leaders.

Techniques Ananta Limbu Uses:

I tend to look at the problems through various different perceptions.
Write down the positives and negatives and weigh them.
Some solutions are short term some are long.
Some problems can only be solved after it is tackled head on.
Flexibility, Patience, Multi perception, Calm, Speed of research before the decision.

Ananta Limbu's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have 5 years experience in running a family retail store business. I have taken the business which was valued at net worth -£45,000
    to +£1within 2 years of taking over.
    - I am the problem solver for my business and it has given me oppurtunity to work with many different situations which I have succesfully completed and has made me confident in solving various problems including personal relationship problems, team management and communications, especially concerning people.
    - I have helped people change their live for better by giving them advise on how to take decisions in their daily lives.
    - I have taken youths of various talents and have started multiple projects which can help inspire them to live a alternate lifestyles.
    - Experience in live musical events, i play music with my band and are on a project to start our own label.