Problem Solver

Andi Steele

Areas Andi Steele is Knowledgeable in:

Geophysics .
Remote sensing.
Clearance of unexploded ordnance from the worlds seas and oceans.
Using technology to accurately measure, evaluate and chart details that are otherwise impossible to see.

Andi Steele's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Magnetics / magnetometry
  2. Unexploded ordnance surveys (UXO)
  3. Seismic surveys
  4. Hydrographic / bathymetric surveys
  5. Technical reporting
  6. Charting / cartography
  7. Hydrographic data processing
  8. Geophysical data processing
  9. Hydrographic data interpretation
  10. Geophysical data interpretation
  11. Survey advice and consultation
  12. Survey planning
  13. Project planning
  14. Survey ship mobilisation / mobilization
  15. Survey planning
  16. Geochemical sampling
  17. Geotechnical sampling
  18. Geophysical surveys
  19. Hydrographic and marine surveys
  20. Gradiometer / gradiometry
  21. Bathymetry / sea floor
  22. Watercolumn imaging
  23. Sub-bottom profiling
  24. Geology / Geophysics
  25. Cable routes
  26. Pipeline Routes
  27. Heatflow data collection
  28. Environmental benthic surveys

Andi Steele's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Managed and solved a wide variety of day to day problems that arise and associated with using high value scientific instrumentation onboard a floating and moving platform.
  2. Safe deployment and recovery of various oceanographic and geological instruments from survey ships.
  3. Developed processing steps for analysing and achieving the best results from geophysical and hydrographic data acquired.