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André Langlois

André Langlois AL Consulting is, from 1991, An expert in the implementation of the concepts and tools of the Lean Enterprise. Our advice and training actions will allow you to obtain improvements in Customer Satisfaction (Quality, Terms) , increasing in the same time your profit, thanks to a continuous reduction of your exploitation costs (production and structure).

Our objective is to apply in a PERMANENT way the 5S, the QRQC, the SMED, the Hoshin, the Kaizen, the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), the Kanban Pull System, the Logistics, the Autonomous Teams ... within your company.

AL Consulting, is a team of senior international consultants, expert engineer in methods and tools for the continuous and simultaneous improvement of quality, productivity and reduction of delays

André Langlois
General Manager, AL Consulting Group

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