Problem Solver

Andre Saraiva

Areas Andre Saraiva is Knowledgeable in:

physics, semiconductors, condensed matter, material science

Techniques Andre Saraiva Uses:

Effective Mass Theory, Tight Binding, Density Functional Theory, Finite elements modelling,

Andre Saraiva's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. spintronics
  2. Physics
  3. molecular magnetism
  4. Quantum electronics
  5. Material science
  6. Condensed Matter
  7. Quantum Computation
  8. Semiconductors

Andre Saraiva's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I described theoretically the STM image of an electron bound to a dopant
  2. I was largely responsible for the foundation of valleytronics in silicon
  3. I defined the material parameters that make possible for photon correlations via Raman processes
  4. I designed one of the first proposals of quantum computers using valleys as qubits
  5. I developed a model for describing the valley structure of electrons in silicon
  6. I participated in the first demonstration of a coherently tunnel coupled system of a dopant and a quantum dot