Problem Solver

Andrea Iacono

Andrea Iacono

Areas Andrea Iacono is Knowledgeable in:

Architecture from industrial design to master planning

Techniques Andrea Iacono Uses:

Analyze all the requirement (expressed and not)
Do a priority list
Find the best solution to gain the higher result is possible
Complete with a design coherence and a strong concept

Andrea Iacono's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. architect public
  2. architect dwelling
  3. interior design food and beverage
  4. interior design shops
  5. interior design residential
  6. master planning
  7. industrial design

Andrea Iacono's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Over ten years of experience in finding layout solution, facade solution, detail solution and interior design solution related to the function required (for a specific usage or brand communication or technical advise). All these mostly are based on drawings and 3d visualization.