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Andrei Aleinikov

Andrei Aleinikov Expertise: Linguistics, Creativity, Innovation, Genius, Education, Science, Technology, Arts.
Named: "The Most Creative Man in the World" (by Dr. Ramos), "the World Expert on MegaCreativity" (by Dr. Neethling), and "The MegaCreativity Man" (by. Dr. Torrance) for the discovery of MegaCreativity;
Discovered: 11 new Laws of Conservation (the top result in history is Kepler - 2);
Introduced: 7 new sciences (Novology, Geniusology among them) and 2 new fields of research, such as Creative Linguistics and Creative Pedagogy (please Google!);
Designed: numerous innovative programs, including Genius Education Methodology (GEM), labelled "the GEM of education" by media;
Internationally acclaimed speaker;
Best selling author with over 150 books, articles, papers published in 13 countries and 9 languages;
Received: numerous educational and science awards (See details at the Marquis Who's Who Page:

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