Problem Solver

Antonio Ivo Moscaleski

Areas Antonio Ivo Moscaleski is Knowledgeable in:

marketing and advertising

Techniques Antonio Ivo Moscaleski Uses:

market systems utilized for advertising

Antonio Ivo Moscaleski's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. strategic mind
  2. innovative

Antonio Ivo Moscaleski's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Ivo Moscalesky Advertising: higher growth in the South in advertising agencies (ranking FENAPRO - l987). i am the owner and the director
    ● Reims Laboratories: conquest of account creation and product development FORTEFICA PLUS national distribution.
    CHOCOLEITE - with progress in two years for half of the country.
    ● Project "Shopping Guide" has been aired in the newspaper Gazeta do Povo for over ten years, serving hundreds in this work customers.
    ● Project "Trophy Shirt 12"of soccer, developed in partnership with Marketing Manager biggest television industry Simabocuru Mr. Dirceu, a derivation of the proposed to the client on both Run Away and the brand UMBRO.
    - Project " TIM Currency "has been working with TIM Telecelular South through marketing management Mr. Marco Lopes on deployment strategy of conquest and loyalty.It has been considered innovative, daring and a mega project.
    I have 30 years experience in my field.