Problem Solver

Anudha Mittal

Anudha Mittal

Areas Anudha Mittal is Knowledgeable in:

Mathematics, materials science, programming.

Techniques Anudha Mittal Uses:

- I employ mathematical and programming skills (Matlab, Python)
- I also use my knowledge in materials characterization

Anudha Mittal's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Electron Microscopy, ceramics

Anudha Mittal's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I identified the most influential question in a survey using a decision tree algorithm.
    - I identified the correct way to normalize data so that data was comparable across experiments. I have done this on two occasions, one was for biochemistry assays and the other was for images (simulated electron micrographs).
    - I resolved why a particular material was changing in atmosphere by suggesting the right characterization technique, x-ray diffraction, and then analyzing the data. Based on those results, I suggested a storage technique for the material.