Problem Solver

Armando Amado

Armando Amado

Areas Armando Amado is Knowledgeable in:

Artificial Intelligence and knowledge building and structuring
Business, financial and economic modeling
Computer science and the internet
Engineering (electrical, systems)
Venture building

Techniques Armando Amado Uses:

-- Patents building: 1 product analysis, 2 patents and industry searches, 3 inventor book writing, 4 provisional patent application, 5 attorney selection for patent claims.
-- Modeling: MS Excel and other, supporting tools and/or plugins depending on the particular nature of the model (statistical econometric, dynamic, optimization, simulation, etc.)
-- Planning sessions: environment and competition analysis, objectives and SWOT analysis, live and highly collaborative discussion, where participants write and send in their contributions to a central repository for all to see, and the conductor organizes them live thus structuring main planning concepts.

Armando Amado's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. When required, I can work quickly and provide results, ranging from plans, strategic solutions, specific and novel technologies
  2. Wish to help others identifying underlying patentable inventions in their products, and in other creative activities.
  3. Surpassed leading patents by Microsoft, IBM and Lockheed-Martin, among the ten most important in Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Inventor of patented software technologies, now rated as absolute #1 worldwide, with more than 1,340 forward references.

Armando Amado's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - My education and experience combines engineering, economics, mathematics and financial forecasting, modeling and simulation for countries, banks and corporations.
    - In urgent or emergency situations and in different countries (the U.S., Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, etc., I have been built, from scratch, complete and detailed economic, business and financial model simulations for corporations, banks and countries. In one case, I built a complete complex model in two weeks and I was later requested to prove how I did it in front of a panel of reviewers from the client corporation.
  2. - As a consultant, I conducted strategic planning sessions for large groups and wrote their plans.
  3. - My field is that of Engineering-Economic Systems, allowing me to contribute in simple or complex projects involving engineering and economic variables.
    - I can quickly pinpoint the simplest patentable concepts in products and thus help in writing new patents.
    - I am an engineer, successful in patenting technologies.
    - I have consulted for others, and I am the sole inventor of tech and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
    - Author of three U.S. patents with over 850 forward references from later U.S. patents.
    - Won an intellectual property infringement lawsuit against the largest U.S. corporation.
    - Received large patent royalty payments from several first-tier corporations.
  4. - Started up four ventures. Currently, partner in the provision of financing collateral for specific startup ventures for social impact.