Problem Solver

Armin Drusko

Areas Armin Drusko is Knowledgeable in:

Data science, computational biology, image analysis and process automation.

Techniques Armin Drusko Uses:

Analytical and critical thinking, structured literature recherche and systematical aproach coupled with a bit of intuition and some more thinking out of the box.

Armin Drusko's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. High-throughput screening, drug discovery
  2. Image processing, motion analysis
  3. Database management
  4. Data science: Handling large datasets, high-dimensional data, dimensionality reduction, data visualization
  5. Coding (Python, Julia, Perl, R, MATLAB, PHP)
  6. Machine learning: cluster analysis and classification
  7. Mathematical modeling of complex systems (deterministic, stochastic, agent-based) and parameter fitting
  8. Web development
  9. Bioinformatics
  10. Market and customer research
  11. Computational biology
  12. Scientific programming

Armin Drusko's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a cluster analsys pipeline for high-content data extracted from comoubd screens. The tool included data proceedings, dimensionality reduction, statistical analysis, clustering and data visualization.
  2. I developed a web-based user interface for a life-science solution provider to manage the product-related citations in scientific publications.
  3. I developed a graphical-user interface for controlling a fluorescent microscope and setting up an imaging routine for high-throughout screenings with custom cell arrays.