Problem Solver

Ashvini Deshpande

Areas Ashvini Deshpande is Knowledgeable in:

Plant tissue culture
Plant molecular biology
Crop management

Techniques Ashvini Deshpande Uses:

In my project during in vitro plant propagation problem I designed in vivo methods for plant cloning
In cotton chilli cucumber bitter gourds etc

Ashvini Deshpande's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Standard operating protocol development in plant tissue culture
  2. Plant tissue culture cost cutting and documents management
  3. Dihaploid technology in hot pepper,Rice and other
  4. Plant transformation
  5. Micro propagation
  6. Embryo rescue in plants
  7. Crop management and green house management
  8. Plant breeding
  9. Mutation treatment in plants
  10. Basic molecular biology experiment

Ashvini Deshpande's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed SOP various plant tissue culture project such as Rice transformation, brinjal transformation, tomato transformation etc.
    I also developed various direct embryogenesis protocol in Dihaploid development in hot pepper and rice
    I developed low sample processing cost cutting experiment in flowcytometry for DH identification and also designed cost cutting experiment in plant tissue culture and media formulation.
    Greenhouse maintenance and soil less culture maintenance