Problem Solver

Asif Ahmed

Areas Asif Ahmed is Knowledgeable in:

Quality Control
Call-Center Services
Geometry and the list keeps going on and on.....

Techniques Asif Ahmed Uses:

Everything I've got!

Asif Ahmed's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Putting Mind Over Matter, Most skills that I possess are specific and unique to myself.

Asif Ahmed's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a "Sifting" contraption/Device to sift through the huge volumes of paper based records in order to better manage storage and to ensure timely retrieval.
  2. Utilized the full extent of internet resources identified, located and dealt with "Specialized Service Vendors " during times in the early to mid nineties where the full capabilities of internet based research were very limited.
  3. Am currently enjoying the return on the investment made to develop/acquire skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to accomplish ANY GIVEN TASK, MOST EFFICIENTLY
  4. Suggested, developed and implemented the use of state of the art bio-medical supplies inventory management tools to be further utilized during the compounding procedure for the preparation of hyper-alimentation materials for patients on strict and permanent infusion feeding regimen.
  5. I designed a process to maximize the recovery of payments that were considered write-off as the system of billing was code based and governmental agencies were still willing to pay if the billing was performed as per compliance.