Problem Solver

Augusto Tolentino

Areas Augusto Tolentino is Knowledgeable in:

Manufacturing - equipment and process
Six-sigma Implementation - production and office environment
Quality and Reliability

Techniques Augusto Tolentino Uses:

As individual solver:
Primary > Technical Deduction and Isolation
Secondary > FMEA

As team facilitator:
Fishbone / FMEA / 5 Whys

Augusto Tolentino's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Facilities & Controls Design

Augusto Tolentino's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Solved chronic and random device failures on critical batch-load semiconductor process equipment with a minor software adjustment
  2. Condensed in 1 day the solution to a multi-year old power problem causing chronic electronic equipment failures in a large company’s QA department
  3. Solved a more than a year old random batch-load equipment problem on robot crashes with a minor maintenance procedure change
  4. Reduced a large company's vendor-work-order turnaround time from 1 week down to 2 days with a simple procedure change
  5. Root caused in 2 days a 1 year old random dropout problem plaguing a large company’s data storage system
  6. Solved mechanical and control problems on a new automated warehouse system to end further delays in system commissioning and turnover