Problem Solver

Austin Boyle

Areas Austin Boyle is Knowledgeable in:

Finance, Physical, Mechanical, Structural, Space, Aerospace, Gaming mechanics, Interpersonal, Psychological, Social

Techniques Austin Boyle Uses:

I attack all problems by finding similar simpler solutions and then bringing several simple solutions together to understand the source of the problem. Once the problem is identified fully, it is fairly easy to find a simple solution.

I also believe that there is a workable solution to every know and unknown problem. It just needs to be found.

Austin Boyle's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - 5 Years Financial Analyst Experience \ Future Valuations
    - I helped to solve the BP oil spill problem by recommending a structural implementation by using comparative mechanics
    - I am extremely efficient at relating and learning various theories in order to find solutions that can relate something simple to something "seemingly" complex
    - Besides finance I will probably not know many catch phrases or industry related terms at first but that does not mean I cannot understand the concepts.