Problem Solver

Avinash Acharya

Avinash Acharya

Areas Avinash Acharya is Knowledgeable in:

Consulting, Education

Avinash Acharya's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Leading a strategic sourcing initiative for a Fortune 500 US FMCG company in MRO; total spend of $30 MM
    Devised channel strategy for online marketing; led a 20% followership rise on Twitter; 65% on Instagram
     Led the branding effort for Sportscafe from scratch; arrived at brand proposition; devised strategy and implemented brand communication for 2 weeks; Laid roadmap for next 2 months
     Corporate Banking: Streamlined profitability measurement process, 2 clients, staffed onsite SE Asia
     Insurance: Designed micro-market strategy, improved sales force productivity by 20%, 10 Indian markets
     NBFC, India: Designed 1st in market agent allocation process using google maps, savings INR 15 Cr
     Social sector: Set up performance assessment system, 150 schools, Mumbai School Excellence Program
     In-house: Drafted P&L simulator to strategize HR recruitment, supported McK to devise 5-year strategy