Problem Solver

Avinash Iyer

Avinash Iyer

Areas Avinash Iyer is Knowledgeable in:

Information Technology- Consulting, Strategy and Information Security/Data Privacy challenges

Techniques Avinash Iyer Uses:

Mind Maps, SWOT, Brain Storming, Lateral Thinking and Research

Avinash Iyer's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Information Technology- Information Rights Management
  2. Information Technology- Data Security and Privacy
  3. Information Technology-Information Security
  4. Information Technology Strategy
  5. Information Technology Consulting
  6. Consultative Selling
  7. Information Technology- Documentation and reporting

Avinash Iyer's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Orchestrated sales boost for a cloud based WAN Optimization company
  2. Developed a Metrics driven Enterprise software tool in association with the Florida State University.
  3. Developed the Information Technology consulting business for a large Bahraini Group spanning across Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia