Ben Ziegler

Ben Ziegler

Ben Ziegler's Training:

Trained in facilitation, project management, mediation, coaching, mentoring, conflict management, board management, ICT, social media.

Ben Ziegler's Experience:

Conflict management and collaboration specialist. Independent mediator and consultant. Extensive experience as virtual facilitator; as online mediator, leading global virtual teams, and designing online collaborative processes, for government and non-profit sectors. Project advisor to international NGO. Previously, spent 14 years as a consultant in the high-tech sector. Author of multiple e-books on collaboration, blogger on collaboration-related topics, CollaborativeJourneys.com, and created of a self-paced e-learning course on virtual collaboration. Fan of vibrant neighbourhoods; active in local nonprofit organizations.

Ben Ziegler's Experience with Online Groups:

- Online mediator (eBay, government, private practice)
- Facilitator of virtual teams
- Facilitator of hybrid teams (in-person and virtual)
- Moderator of Twitter chats
- Facilitating/leading webinars