Blossom Idris

Blossom Idris's Training:

Training in research areas in tertiary institution for adroitness in solving problems has emasculated my skills and general attitude to work, chairmanship roles I played in a cooperative society group have also widened my distinctive charisma in gingering group morals, redirecting talent to areas adept for the talented member of any working group, high quality research outcome has often been laud by loan officers, financial institutions and Grant or donors agency, given the multi functional approach, in team task organisation and solution data building, most times scientifically and economically feasible whereupon the products transformation, effectively solve problems at hand,

Blossom Idris's Experience:

Organise business development session for cooperative group
Participated in number of group work, where scientific instruments were used to solve practical problems
Invented machines
Build business plans from novel ideas, extemporaneously make planning the core aspect of business plan implementation, evaluation and monitoring, by aligning objectives to consumers and client needs.
Founded three NGOs, drafted out the modus operandi for preliminary activities of leadership in the organization, planned registration, and development activities of the agency in a way that solve problems of human suffrage, pivotal to overall aim of each of the three NGOs.

Blossom Idris's Experience with Online Groups:

Forum discussion, social media group discussion, academic group discussion among others .