Problem Solver

Blossom Idris

Areas Blossom Idris is Knowledgeable in:

The versatility of my knowledge base hasn't reach the midline of my dreams need spectrally, the exportable ideas from my mental acumen should show explicitly, by huge academic and non academic knowledge base, the laudable dream of redefining professionalism and school of thoughts in 21st century and century, which is possible by building huge knowledge base from multi discipline of study, it is not aversive avarice, some of this from which solution are created, by deep look into bank of original timeless, splendid ideas, usable in practical and non practical situations include;
Biomedical research and instrumentations
Public administration
Pure and applied chemistry
Aerodynamic and Aeronautics
Human Medicine
Vet medicine
Medical science
Industrial design
Political science
International relations
General issue analysis
Business administration
Computer science
And so on with subspecialties.
Formalized education in our eon of jet, computer and space age, implies that ideas are hold credible, only by qualification, in spite validity of research results

Techniques Blossom Idris Uses:

My problem solving skills are original,innate and base on scientific principles, also I used, where necessary both field and lab high quality research undertaking, in order to create from abstract sources, by extensive cognitive exercise as well, utilizable practical and non practical realities. and so on, this laudable aim of eluting many solutions, is a pervasive prerogative, in as much as global problems reflect countless continuum of recrudescence problems, factly solutions need solutions by sinewed reprobation .

Blossom Idris's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Issue analysis skills, got aptitude to generate original timeless ideas easily, research and problem solving skills

Blossom Idris's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 8.Epidemiologic prognostication, ensure prevention of diseases outbreak, I propounded Boyo Theory of Prognosticstion of Epidemic disease Outbreak
  2. 1.I created a blue print for a machine which could prolong life span and boost also the human immune system.
  3. 7.other problems solved concern all field of study, for instance cosmological reconnaissance of time, light and space, resources depletion and scarcity, global warming, Engineering, chemical use of new product lines etc
  4. 4.Invented pulmonary machine (work in progress)
  5. 2.Invented General flow cytometer which counts cell and other particles(work in progress)
  6. 5.I have propounded 15 timeless theories, all derived from original timeless ideas, churned out from abstract mental fissures, and transformed into practical and non practical consumables research end products cognitively.
  7. Solve problems of economic recession, as outline in assumptions of Boyo theory of a nation without economic recession
  8. Solve health problems
    See my CV for more
  9. 6.Thus by this eon standard setting,times surpassingly timeless contributions, I created new ways of economic thinking, new ways of thinking in prognostication and diagnostication of pathology, a useful rare models for researchers and health care givers, new ways of solving problems, new ways of machine manufacturing, new ways of research conduct and new ways of reading fast .
    I develop solution to problem of global economic recession
    I created research ideas on treatment of debilitating disease
    I created a research idea on universal theory of therapy,
  10. 3.Invented a machine, STP distinguisher, for signalling mediums(work in progress)
  11. Solve problems of economic futuristic thinking and implications, I propounded a theory titlrd Boyo end of international trade theory