Bret Nixon

Hydraulic over Mechanical Structure Lifting System.

This lifting system was designed predominantly for raising and repositioning existing buildings. It has the capacity to raise a building approximately 7 m high, enabling two other levels to be constructed on the same footprint of the original building. The system also has the capacity to reposition the building forward backward and diagonally from its original position. There is an additional feature that allows the building to rotate to change the building orientation.

Transporter hydraulic mezzanine tautliner
The transport industry hydraulic mezzanine tautliner is for optimising the cubic capacity transporters. This is achieved by adjustable hydraulic floors, allowing the payload to occupy the full cubic capacity of the vehicle.

Freeze dryer
Design and construction of a freeze dryer unit, specific for medical experimentation and trials. This unit was designed to collect significant volumes of bacteria from biomatter.

Transparent aerosol vessel
Design and produced a glass aerosol can simulator. This unit was for viewing the activity inside an aerosol can, under different conditions.

A pneumatic control rope climbing robot.

80000 litre capacity road train water truck
Designed and manufactured a road train water tanker. Capacity 80000 litres. This unit was a fully automated for refilling and delivery of water for dust control on mining haul roads.

Remote area time lapse camera
Design and construction of a remote area, time lapse camera. This unit could provide continuous imaging with infrequent servicing.

Multi-directional building roller system
Design and manufacture of a major structure rolling system. This system has capacity to reposition a major structure with millimetre accuracy.

Self sustaining Aquaponics system i.e. no feed required
Design and construction of a aquaponic system that only needed solar energy to produce protein and vegetables. Using fish for the protein source to support vegetable growth.

Design and construction of a residential building using a unique innovative wall design that absorbs and extract solar energy. This design eliminating the transfer of radiant heat energy to the inner cladding. This resulted in a internal, environment temperature consistently 3 degrees below ambient temperature.

Domestic Solar System Optimizer
Design only a residential solar system cooling process. By lowering the operating temperature of the solar panel, provids a 15 to 20% increase in output capacity. The design will work well in hotter climates, particularly in drier environments.