Brittani Mac Auley

I had 3 known invention ideas I brought them to 2 different internet invention sides Davidson and idea buyer my first idea was a wallet that hold all your pursonal info drivers license social security card health information pass codes address everything only can be accessed through a thumbprint this invention idea was in 2013
My second was Dr cure all a robotic doctor with a app that moniters all your health Dr cure all measured all your vitals vitamin weight stress levels and would help people with stress management by playing meditation music with binomial beats that trigger peace. A self soothing app that had the power to change the way we function one beat at a time.
A device that can tell you which areas of your body are at risk of overload and breaking for prevention like a car diagnosis machine but for humans we could see what areas need improving a health guide to preventing diseases through self teaching meditation courses
Grow with me shoes that grow a inch while your child where them they are able to stretch like a rubber band perfectly as your child foot gets bigger
Magic tips magic eraser q tips for cleaning small crevices