Problem Solver

Bryan McFarland

Bryan McFarland

Areas Bryan McFarland is Knowledgeable in:

Psychology, team-building, religion, theoretical physics, research...

Techniques Bryan McFarland Uses:

I prefer utilizing the techniques organically and not utilizing a specific systematic method. Abstraction, Analogy, Brainstorming, Lateral Thinking, Morphological Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Research...

Bryan McFarland's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. training
  2. teaching
  3. leadership
  4. group problem solving
  5. group dynamics
  6. psychology
  7. therapeutic process
  8. facilitation
  9. research
  10. ecidence-based practice
  11. budget management
  12. program development
  13. standards and regulations
  14. risk management
  15. safety protocols and procedures
  16. recruiting
  17. interviewing
  18. quality improvement
  19. performance improvement
  20. collaboration
  21. interdisciplinary teams
  22. multidisciplinary teams
  23. non-profit
  24. documentation
  25. reports
  26. multimedia presentations
  27. marketing
  28. blogging
  29. video editing
  30. challenge course facilitation
  31. team-building
  32. recreation
  33. outdoor recreation
  34. adaptive equipment
  35. fine art
  36. drawing
  37. sculpture
  38. dog training
  39. mountain biking
  40. wilderness travel
  41. road tripping
  42. event planning
  43. world religions
  44. Park Management
  45. Maintenance and Grounds
  46. Maps
  47. Orienteering
  48. Recreation Therapy
  49. Staff Supervision
  50. Socio-Leisure Needs with Individuals with Disabilities
  51. De-escalation Techniques
  52. Sustainable Trail Building
  53. Volunteer Development

Bryan McFarland's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've engaged in amateur theoretical physics and discovered dark energy may in fact be a manifestation of time dilation; I also discovered time and gravity are proportional. I'm currently working on the problem of time dilation in quantum mechanics. Although these are not completely original thoughts, they demonstrates my innate ability for solving abstract and complex problems using mental imagery.
  2. I've developed dozens of proprietary team-building initiatives utilizing portable recreational equipment. This demonstrates my creativity.
  3. I was on the leading edge of utilizing outdoor adventure sports as a recreation therapy intervention for those with substance abuse and dependence disorders. This was done primarily to elicit intense stimulation as a replacement for the stimulating substance.
  4. I'm an INTP personality type and enjoy solving problems in everything I do. Most of these are small innovations and improvements, but I also enjoy thinking about and solving global, theological and cosmic ones as well.